Luxury home maintenance checklist – preserve elegance and value!

Maintaining a luxury home requires a strategic and comprehensive approach. Luxury homes demand regular professional upkeep not only to preserve your home’s value but also to enhance your overall living experience.

The most effective method is to thoroughly inspect your home and create a to-do list by category or season. Then, you can decide what to delegate to professionals and what to do yourself. To help you get started, we made a luxury home maintenance checklist you can use as it is or update if necessary. Let us check it out!

THE luxury home maintenance checklist

Regular property maintenance can save you a lot of trouble and a lot of money. Especially if you use your property for tourist rental as well as residential purposes.

So, how can you keep your high-end property in top shape, all year round? Here are some of the most important home maintenance tips that can help you maintain your home picture-perfect!

Inspect your security systems – to feel safe at home

Number one on our home maintenance checklist is security.

No matter how beautiful your home is, it’s not a home if you don’t feel safe. To ensure that, regularly inspect all components of your security system, including alarms, cameras, and motion sensors.


Periodic testing guarantees everything is operational and ready to protect your home. Also, stay current with technological advancements by upgrading your security system. Modern systems offer enhanced features such as remote monitoring and integration with smart home devices, providing additional peace of mind.

Maintain your HVAC systems – for clean air and energy savings

Schedule professional inspections and maintenance twice a year to affirm your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems function efficiently. Clean or replace HVAC filters monthly or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to maintain air quality and system performance. To achieve even more significant energy savings and better climate control, install and regularly update smart thermostats.

Don’t forget to inspect plumbing systems

Inspect for leaks frequently, especially around high-end fixtures, to prevent water damage and support the integrity of your plumbing. To avoid strain on your plumbing system, monitor and keep proper water pressure. For an extra touch, use water softeners and filtration systems to secure high-quality water throughout your home.

Check-out your electrical systems once a year

Have a licensed electrician conduct yearly inspections to identify and fix any potential issues before they become major problems. Maintain generators and other backup power systems to ensure they are ready to use in case of power outages.

Take care of your exterior and landscape

Employ professional landscapers to manage your lawns, gardens, and trees so your property always looks immaculate. Conduct semi-annual inspections and cleanings of your roof and gutters to prevent water damage and extend their lifespan.

If any cracks appear on your driveways or walkways, fix them immediately. Not only will it be safer for you and your guests, but it’ll also keep the appeal of your high-end property.

Regularly maintain your interior

Keep a consistent cleaning schedule so every area of your home stays spotless and inviting. Hire professional cleaners, especially for delicate or high-value items and materials like custom woodwork, marble, and other luxury finishes.

Also, keep your windows sparkling and touch up paint and repair any wall damage promptly to keep your home looking fresh and well-maintained. Check seals, caulking, and weatherstripping frequently. Verify that all locks and security features on windows and doors are operational and robust.

Keep your spa and pool in top condition

Regular professional inspections and maintenance help prevent costly repairs and keep your pool and spa in top condition. Clean your pool and spa weekly, balancing chemicals to preserve water quality. Remember to check if all safety features, such as covers and alarms, are in good working order to protect your family and guests!

Don’t forget to check your basement and attic

Even though they’re the least used areas of a home, the basement and attic require careful management to remain clean and safe. Regularly check for moisture and mold to prevent structural damage and health issues. Make sure these areas are well-insulated to maintain energy efficiency and temperature control. Keep stored items organized to keep a premium feel throughout your whole home, prevent clutter and potential damage.

Bonus home maintenance tip – review your insurance policies

Finally, once in a while, review and update your home insurance policies to secure adequate coverage. Don’t forget to also keep track of property taxes and associated fees to avoid unexpected costs!

Home maintenance apps – technology to the rescue in smart homes

A smart home is a residence equipped with various interconnected devices and systems. You can control it remotely, and it’s automated to improve convenience, efficiency, and security. These technologies use internet connection to communicate with each other and you can manage them via smartphones, tablets, or voice commands.

Smart homes simplify home maintenance through proactive monitoring, remote control, and automated scheduling. They make it easier to keep a house in optimal condition. However, it’s important to consider the initial costs and potential technical challenges.

Smart homes in the sense of fully automated systems are still an exception in Croatia. What you can find on our coast regarding the smart home systems, are smart devices that are installed in the property.

Those smart systems will bring our project Sv. Filip i Jakov on a whole new level of comfortable living. That’s because many smart devices have self-diagnostic features that alert homeowners to potential issues before they become major problems.

Also, you’re able to monitor and control home systems remotely which means you can address issues even when you’re not at home. Our luxury villas situated near Biograd na Moru, in Sv. Filip i Jakov have devices with these features.

You can control underfloor heating, blinds and shutters, air conditioning, sauna, jacuzzi, and video surveillance via mobile phone from another country!

By leveraging these advanced technologies, you can simplify the maintenance process, and make it more efficient and less time-consuming.

How to maintain a house in Croatia if you live abroad?

What if you live abroad and you don’t have time to deal with maintenance of your house on the Croatian coast?

You still need and want it to be picture perfect because it is your worthy investment.

The good news is that there is lot of property management companies that can help you maintain your home.

These companies can help you with pool maintenance, garden and yard care as well as house cleaning. Some of them offer guest reception and booking services. This is especially important for those of you who rent out their property for tourist purposes.

Furthermore, certain property management companies can provide administrative services, key storage, house inspections, bill payments but also managing all other expenses.

 These companies can sometimes use home maintenance apps that help them manage deadlines, finances, renovations and other important customer information.

As you can see, there is no need to be concerned about how you will maintain your house in Croatia from abroad. Smart home systems, property management companies and regular check-ups can help you maintain your home in an immaculate condition.

If you still in search for your vision of an ideal home on the Croatian coast, contact us or check our offer of real estate.

Photo: private archive, photo by Jakub Żerdzicki on Unsplash, photo by Tarah Dane on Unsplash, photo by Nathan Cowley and photo by on Pexels.

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