Building and designing a house in Primosten or Rogoznica? Great idea!

Have you ever visited Croatia? If the answer is yes, there’s a big chance you’re still captivated by the allure of blue Adriatic Sea, sun-kissed coastlines, and a tranquil Mediterranean lifestyle.

No surprise there; most tourists return home in love with this small but magical country. Great news is that Croatia’s real estate market is becoming increasingly available to foreign investors and everyone willing to make the beautiful Croatia their home. So, you may never have to leave again!

If that sounds like your kind of deal, keep reading. Today, we’re taking you through steps of adventure called buying or building a home in lovely places on the middle of Croatian coast – Primosten and Rogoznica.

Why is building and designing a house in Primosten a good idea

Why should you choose to place your dream building project in Croatia, specifically in the county of Primosten? Location, location, location!

You can find Primosten conveniently situated between the historic cities of Split and Sibenik. That location offers you a perfect blend of accessibility and seclusion. Whether you’re craving a day of exploring Roman ruins or seeking refuge in hidden coves, everything you desire is within reach.

That includes natural beauty also. Kornati National Park and National Park Krka are within reach and a perfect choice for a little excursion by boat.

For all of you sailing enthusiasts, prepare yourself to experience sailor’s paradise! Sheltered marinas and favorable winds will make Primosten your perfect harbor.

Furthermore, the town of Primosten is situated on a very specific peninsula. It is full of stone houses, churches, beautiful cliffy and pebble beaches, cordial people, great wine and olive oil. It is simply teeming with the Mediterranean atmosphere!

Primosten is also a home of one of the largest and most famous nightclubs in Croatia – the Aurora Club. The Aurora Club is open from June to September and if offers an unforgettable experience for all nightlife buffs. Whether you want to lose yourself to dance or just eat delicious Dalmatian food and zip cocktails in one of five indoor and outdoor bars, Aurora Club is a place to be.

Above all, Primosten is very well developed in the touristic field and it lives fully during the season. So, whether you are looking for a land to build your own house or an existing property, be sure to check-out the offer in Primosten County. Compared to some other towns in Dalmatia, here you can still find property with great value and somewhat moderate prices.


Discover Rogoznica, a place where you will want to own (or build) a house

Rogoznica County is situated in a desirable location for building and designing a house. It is located on the most southern part of Sibenik-Knin County, only 34 kilometers from the culturally well-developed town of Sibenik.

Its proximity to major transportation hubs ensures convenient access to urban amenities and international travel.

On the other hand, the views in Rogoznica are so breathtaking that you may never want to leave! Tranquil bays, crystal-clear waters, long promenade by the sea and pine forest create an idyllic setting that will captivate your attention and relax you deeply.

Also, Rogoznica separates the Northern from the Southern part of the Adriatic. This also affects its climate – it has more than 2600 sunny hours a year. Sometimes, Rogoznica serves as an arena where bura and jugo, the two most famous winds in the Adriatic, fight for predominance.

Rogoznica is a place where you will for sure experience the true Dalmatia. Close to the touristic centers, sheltered from the noise and the intense pace of big towns, Rogoznica can be a perfect spot for your future home by the sea. As well as a great investment as it is adored by tourists, especially those who like to sail. Rogoznica has one of the most beautiful marinas on the Adriatic, Marina Frappa.

How (and should you) build a house in Croatia?

It is an eternal question – to build your own house or buy an existing one? Both options are valid and can pay off – it depends on how much resources are you prepared to invest.

Building and designing a house in Croatia isn’t a simple process. Then again, good things usually aren’t easy, are they?  If you decide to go in that direction, firstly you will need to find a land you want to buy, according to your budget.

Have in mind that the prices of both real estate and land plots on the Croatian coast are rising as we speak. (Everybody wants to live and take vacations by the sea – we can’t imagine why!)

Closer your land is to the sea and the bigger cities (especially Split, Dubrovnik, Opatija area), it will cost more. The sunny Zadar region is getting more and more attention when it comes to investing in real estate. As are Primosten and Rogoznica.

After you’ve found the land, it is essential that you check its ownership. Also, make sure that the land is inscribed properly in the cadastre and land registry.

Your real estate agent can help you inspect all these things, as well as connect you with a good lawyer. Next step is finding an architect that will create and idea solution of your project. Based on that proposition, you will need to obtain the effective building permit. Once you get it, you can finally start building your dream house!

For more details about building a house in Croatia, read our blog.

How can you design a luxury home?

Designing a luxury home means more than just filling a space with premium furniture. It’s more about a feeling – how you express your individuality and care for your needs. For example, a high-quality outdoor kitchen is a must if you like to organize extravagant dinner parties. Preferably by the pool where you and your guests can cool-off during the hot summer nights.

Nevertheless, when you’re creating a space of luxury, some things are simply indispensable. Careful planning, high-quality materials, top-notch standards of construction, a lot of natural light, and spaciousness. Large terraces, balconies, and big glass walls are also mandatory for Croatian homes on the coast – you don’t want to miss those amazing views!

Resolving the dilemma – to build or not to build?

Future homeowners, especially first-timers, often consider – to build or to buy?

Building a house allows complete customization, from layout and design to materials and finishes. You can create a home that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Also, when you construct a new house, you have a chance to incorporate modern energy-efficient technologies and building practices. That often results in lower utility bills and a smaller environmental footprint. Not to mention peace of mind when you can be sure of the quality of the building materials.

On the other hand, building a house requires significant time and effort, from planning and obtaining permits to overseeing construction. Delays and unforeseen challenges are common, leading to potential frustration and stress.

While building a house allows control over expenses, it can be more expensive than buying an existing home due to land acquisition, construction costs, and additional fees. Another thing to consider is that the outcome of your plans may only sometimes meet expectations, and changes or modifications during construction can add to the overall cost and timeline.

Those are precisely the advantages of buying a finished home. It provides convenience, as it eliminates the lengthy process of planning and construction. You can move in sooner and avoid all the hassles associated with building. Unlike new construction, existing homes have a history.

They’re often easier to assess regarding neighborhood, surroundings, and potential resale value. Still, existing houses may have hidden issues or defects that aren’t immediately apparent. If buying, be sure to make a thorough inspection and evaluation before purchase.

As you can see, both building a house from scratch and buying a finished house have unique advantages and disadvantages. The decision ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, timeline, and lifestyle.

To determine which option best suits your needs and aspirations for homeownership, carefully consider your priorities and circumstances. As a wise man said – measure twice, cut once.

Finally, whatever you decide, to build and design a house of your own, or buy “a finished product”, Primosten and Rogoznica are locations you should consider. They have the position, the climate, the sea and that relaxing Mediterranean allure characteristic for smaller places.

If you’re ready to discover the hidden treasures and endless possibilities in these enchanting Croatian communities, contact us. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and navigate you through the adventure of becoming a real estate owner in Croatia.


Photo: Pexels, Unsplash, Tourist Board of Rogoznica.

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