From dream to reality: making a villa your luxury home

Home is more than just a space you live in. It is a feeling of safety and belonging transmitted into a space of your own choosing. 

Luxury homes are not just about functionality, they are about you and your personality, your unique aesthetics.

However, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you express that aesthetics while creating a luxurious home.

Read on and learn how to turn your villa into a truly luxurious home and start living the dream!

What do prestigious homes have in common?

First of all, all prestigious homes are situated in exceptional locations. By the sea, near the mountains, in a prime location in well known, dazzling cities.

Secondly, the space in these homes is very well planned and used in a way that it gives the impression of spaciousness. 

Furthermore, you will find smart use of lighting and colours in luxury homes. For example, classic or contemporary version of chandeliers in living or dining rooms. Also, owners often decide to emphasize their art pieces with lighting. When it comes to colours, usually it is a combination of neutral colour palette with some more expressive colours such as royal blue or wine red.

High-quality appliances, especially in the kitchen as well as high-end furniture are a necessary part of every luxurious home. When choosing the appliances, the focus is not only on their functionality and longevity but also the aesthetics.

Luxury homes as designed to impress and dazzle you, to evoke your desire.

There you will find rooms created just for the sake of pleasure of its tenants. Spa bathrooms, saunas, gyms, indoor pools and jacuzzies, wine cellars, home cinemas, game rooms.

Finally, another crucial element of every luxury home is a sense of security and privacy. Smart home systems and surveillance systems, as well as fences and other ways of achieving privacy are a must for luxury homes.

Tips and tricks for creating a luxury home in Croatia

Croatian interior designer Elena Vučinovec says that the choice of materials and fabrics can have quite an affect in creating a luxurious impression.

“Materials such as marble, stone and leather can create the feeling of luxury in a home. Another thing are the small details made, for example, in stainless steel or with precious metals such as gold or copper. A seemingly small detail can make a big difference in our perception of a certain space”.

This is precisely where stealth designer pieces such as designer radiators come in handy. Their structural shape gives the impression of an artwork rather than just a home appliance.

When choosing furniture and decoration for luxury homes in Croatia, designers often decide on Italian brands, says Elena Vučinovec from Das Mono. Known for their sophisticated style, quality design and simplicity of import, Italian brands are still the favourites in these areas.

So, if you are looking for refined sofas and beds, brands such as Moroso, Saba or Ditre Italia offer supreme contemporary products, each in its own style.

For lighting solutions, you should definitely take a look at brands such as Vibia, Flos and Foscarni.

When it comes to kitchen equipment Boffi or Doimo Cucine are the brands you should consider.

Finally, let us not forget the bathroom, a room where every detail matters. From mirrors and plants, to tubs, showerheads and smart home tech.

For example, freestanding tubs can often be found in luxurious bathrooms. They create a dramatic focal point and make a room seem more spacious.

For fine innovative sanitary equipment take a look at Italian brands such as Falper or Hatria

It is expected that each bedroom in a luxury villa has its own, ensuite bathroom. Spacious, walk-in closets are also an important part of the luxury bedrooms as well as designer beds.

Let the sunshine in - other features of luxury homes in Croatia

In luxury villas, especially those by the sea, you will often find big glass walls. These walls allow the sunshine in and help intertwine the interior with the exterior. That is especially important when you have fantastic surroundings and/or view.

Another thing is stylish yet delicate horticulture. In luxury villas on the Croatian coast you will find Mediterranean plants such as lavender, rosemary, olives as well as citruses. Also, adding greenery and flower baskets can help you enrich the inside space without having to spend a lot od money.

When decorating your dream villa, don’t forget about the scent. The sense of scent is a very powerful and will remind you and your guest of your home. Choose smooth vanilla, luxurious yet calming lavender or perhaps sandalwood – a fragrance often used in high-end homes.

Finally, when designing luxury homes, “it is very important to keep-up with the trends and technology. Try to be one step ahead when introducing certain materials or appliances”, says the interior designer from Das Mono.

Where can you find homes for sale in Croatia with a touch of luxury?

Firstly, it is crucial to find prestige homes that resonate with your style and aspirations. Luxury homes aren’t just about functionality; they are a testament of your identity and lifestyle. So, where can you find homes for sale in Croatia that embody that perfect blend of opulence and personal expression?

Because of the mild Mediterranean climate, clean Adriatic Sea and vast natural beauty, Croatian coast is a number one for many buyers. Particularly the sunny region of Dalmatia where you can find newly built modern villas and houses.

Right there, in the heart of Dalmatia, a hidden gem is situated. The enchanting destination of Sv. Filip and Jakov encapsulates the essence of high-quality life.

Sv. Filip i Jakov is recognized as a secret haven, both as a tourist destination and a place where you can make a home.

In recent years, many entrepreneurs and investors have already realized the overwhelming potential of this small Dalmatian place.

 This is precisely why we decided to build our own luxury project that consists of three villas in such a fantastic location.

It has everything you need for comfortable living. Exceptional location with stunning views, meticulous space planning, clever lighting, a harmonious colour palette, and top-notch appliances. All integral elements that define luxurious living.

If you need more information on our project or just help with finding property on the Croatian coast, contact us! Your dream home awaits; we’ll gladly guide you to it!

Photo: Private archive, Pexels.

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