Land for sale in Croatia – where and how to build a house?

Many people dream of having a house in the beautiful and sunny Croatia, especially on its coast. And while most of them search for a perfect villa or a house, some want to create their own piece of paradise.

If you are thinking about building a house in Croatia and are looking for a land for sale, read on.

We bring you the key information about building a house in Croatia.

Where to find the best land for sale in Croatia?

First thing’s first. Where should you look for land for sale in Croatia?

Let us assume that you have a specific project in mind and you plan to make a good profit out of it. If that is true, you should be looking for land on the Croatian coast, particularly in Dalmatia and Istria.

These are the regions that tourists love the most, with one difference. Istria is more developed in the touristic department, while Dalmatia is quickly getting there. That is one of the reasons why land plots by the sea in Dalmatia are in high demand.

Prices of land plots can also be quite high. The most expensive ones can be found around the most renowned tourist destinations such as Dubrovnik and Split. In Istria and Kvarner, the areas near Opatija and Rovinj. 

If you are looking for a land plot in a good location on the coast that has more affordable market price, look in Šibenik-Knin County. Specifically, look for land plots in areas around Primošten, as well as Rogoznica and Vinišće (Split-Dalmatia region). Also, you can find quality land plots in Zadar County.

It is important to know your options within the budget. Write down regions in Croatia where you will look for land for sale. Check-out the state on the market, prices of the land and start searching for your little piece of heaven!

How to build a house in Croatia?

The process of building a house in Croatia isn’t easy, it takes time and energy but it can be worth your while.

An experienced real estate agent can you find the right land plot in less time and possibly help you negotiate a better price.

Before buying the land plot, be sure to check that the land ownership is clean (1/1). Is there just one owner and is his name written in the land-registry?

Also, check if the land is inscribed properly in the cadastre and land-registry. Does the state on the terrain aligns with what is written in the books?

It is not uncommon to find errors in this department. So, investing in a land plot, be sure to check these things.  A certified, expert geodesists can help you with that.

Another expert you will need is a good lawyer specialized in real estate. You will need his help when writing a (pre)purchase contract, for land as well as for other type of property.  

Once the land is yours and inscribed in the land registry, you will need to hire a certified architect. Architects create an idea solution based on your desires as well as the main design of the project. That also includes collaboration with civil, mechanical, electro and water engineers.

Also, architects usually create a bill of quantities (detailed list of expenses for house building) and they can recommend contractors you will need for the building process.

Next step is to get a final and effective building permit for the project. Be aware that this step might take a while – Croatia’s administration can be slow and tricky. Good news is that the investors can submit it online, via e-permit system.

Once you’ve gotten your permit, you will need to find a construction firm and contractors that will prepare your grounds and build your project.

Also, don’t forget you will need to hire an independent construction engineer who will supervise the project.

What are the costs of building a house in Croatia?

It is ungrateful to talk about the costs of building a house in Croatia, or anywhere by that matter. The construction market is changing very fast and the prices are rapidly changing, too. In the past few years, the price of the building materials and construction services in Croatia has gone way up.

On one hand, external factors such as inflation, unstable political and economic situation (wars, pandemic) affect the market. Those are the factors we cannot influence on.

On the other hand, other elements too can influence the costs of building a house in Croatia. For example, the terrain on which the house is being built.  A sloped terrain or terrain that is not easily accessible can heighten the costs. In these cases, you will need to do some extra groundwork or take more time to transport the materials and equipment.

Beside these unpredictable building costs, here are some other costs that should be on your checklist for building a house in Croatia.

The costs of land you are buying

The key factor that affects the price of the land is the location. Land for sale in Croatia, situated first row to the sea or near the sea is the most expensive.

The prices of land plots can go from few hundred euro to beyond a thousand euro per square meter. Land that ensures privacy and a good sea view will also reach a high price.

Another factor that influences the price of the land is the closeness to important amenities (shops, restaurants, pharmacy) and big cities.

Lower land prices can be found on some less popular/renowned islands or in inland.

The costs of project documentation and the main design

In order to build a house or any type of property in Croatia, you will need to hire a certified architect.

The price of the main design varies on its complexity, the size of the project but also the expertise of the architect. Architects usually bill their service per square meter. The price starts at 16 euros per square meter but it can go way up, even 150 euros. The average price is around 50 euros per square meter.

The costs of communal contributions and connections

The prices of communal contributions in Croatia vary from town to town and can be quite high. You pay communal contributions for water, electricity and (electively) gas on one time basis. The exact price depends on the town/county you bought your land in.

Another thing you should be aware of are connections for water, heating, gas (optionally) and drainage. A few factors can affect the price of connectors but expect to spend at least several thousand euro in this department.

Finally, buying a land in Croatia and building a house is quite a venture. However, it gives you the opportunity to create something completely new, by your own design. If you need help in finding the right land plot on the Croatian coast, contact us, we will gladly help you!

Photos: Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, Adobe Photos.

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