Perfect vacation and smart investment? Yes, if you buy a house in Croatia

Nothing stays in one’s mind as time well spent, especially with people who matter to us. In today’s speedy time vacations are one of the rear opportunities to capture that time and make it count.

Having a holiday home in Croatia, a country as beautiful as is pleasant, can encourage you to take these vacations more often.

Spend your long weekends, summer and winter breaks feeling the sea breeze and sun on your cheeks. Have friends over in your Croatian house with pool, zip quality wine and grill your favourite dish in the outdoor kitchen. Enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world with your better half, from the terrace of your apartment in Croatia on the beach. Sail away and discover more than thousand islands, islets and bay that await you.

Swim, walk, cycle, eat, laugh, feel safe and excited at the same time. Because that is what being in Croatia feels like.

On the other hand, buying a house in Croatia could be a smart investment, not just a pleasure hunt.

Why not have it both, the pleasure of time well spent and the profit? It can be done – just read on!

Croatia holiday home by the sea – why does everyone want it?

If you are buying a house in Croatia, the chances are you are doing it because you fell in love with the Adriatic Sea. Mesmerising, blue, pristine, safe -to-swim-at Adriatic Sea.

The Adriatic Sea is considered to be one of the most beautiful seas in the world. It is very clear, partly because the industrialization on the coast hasn’t developed enough to affect it.

It has very intense blue and green colour that during winter time, on cloudy days, turns silver.

It is a home to many interesting sea creatures such as dolphins (whom you are likely to meet if you take a boat trip), but it is also safe to swim at as it lacks the creatures that want to eat you.

 With average sea temperatures from 22 to 27 Celsius degrees during the summer, and 10 to 15 during the winter months the Adriatic will encourage you to spend more time discovering it.

Higher temperatures of the see allow you to extend your swimming season till November. Or simply continue it till the next summer, as some local folks do in Croatia!

Croatia climate – the weather you are dreaming of

Even if you are not a fan of all-year swimming, you can still take boat trips. Croatia climate, especially climate in Dalmatia truly allows you to spend a lot of time outdoors. For example, Croatia October temperature, in Zadar region in 2023. was up to 26 Celsius degrees!

Off course, there will be rain and the famous cold wind bura during fall and winter. It is the way the nature intended and we should respect it. But rarely there will be days when you won’t be able to enjoy Croatia weather on the coast.

When it comes to summer months, Croatia July weather is somewhat hot, as is in the following month of August. Temperatures can go beyond 35 + Celsius degrees. That is when pine trees, that you will find on numerous Croatian beaches, come in handy. Afterall, there is no shade like pine tree shade!

Croatia’s Zadar region in particular is sunny – old locals call it “the home of the sun”. Even the worldly famous director Alfred Hitchcock was amazed but Zadar sun(set).  During his visit he said that “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, even more beautiful than the one in Key West in Florida”.

And truly, Zadar sunset, with its combination of red, pink and yellow isn’t something you want to miss out! Especially if you welcome it on the renowned Sea Organs. Or with a glass of superb Croatian wine on your boat, in a bay of one of many islands in Zadar archipelago.

The most beautiful beaches in Croatia are situated on islands

Did you know that Croatia’s part of the Adriatic is extremely indented and it has over 1000 island and islets? Off course you did, this is why you are looking to buy a house in Croatia by the sea!

Croatia’s islands are a true gift and richness, an oasis where peace, nature and history meet. Narrow stone streets that could tell stories of ancient time, churches, interesting lives of locals, fisherman’s tales and of course – the beaches.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia are situated on islands – pebble, sandy, beaches with cliffs and pine shades. Whether you prefer a small cove just for yourself or a well-equipped trendy beach with a lot of content, you will find your hearts desire in Croatia.

If you are in Croatia vacationing with children don’t miss out Zlatni Rat on Brač island and Sakarun on Dugi otok. If you are more of a party type visit Zrće on Pag island. For a more calming Croatia vacation on island Pag, take a trip to not so crowded beach Ružica and relax. The adventurers among you should look up into beach Nugal situated on a peninsula near the town of Makarska.

For all of you that consider buying a Croatia beach house on the coast, don’t worry. There are amazing beaches on the coast too, such as Copacabana in Dubrovnik and Queen’s Beach in Nin.

Also, some real estate Croatia first row to the sea have a direct access to the beach. It can’t get any better than that, can it?

Meet Croatia’s national parks and other nature’s wonders

Or maybe it can – when we open up a box called natural beauty in Croatia!

If you buy a house in Croatia by the sea you will be able to discover so much more than just its coast.

On a relatively small surface of 56.594 square meters you will find 8 national and 11 nature parks. You will discover where the mountain meets the sea, feel the freshness of forests and the power of rivers.

With a property in Croatia Dalmatia you are only a ride away from natural blessings and historical heritage that will blow you mind. You will never be bored, and you will always find something worth your while.

Zadar is one of the cities in Croatia with truly amazing geographical position. If you buy a house in Croatia Zadar you will easily explore 3 nature parks as well as the royal town of Nin – considered to be the cradle of Croatian state.

You can easily visit from National Park Kornati via boat, a group of islands with unique scenery that will dazzle especially those who enjoy diving.

Deeper in the inland you will find green and fresh region of Lika where river Gacka is situated.

In the depths of Lika and mountain Dinara you will encounter the oldest national park in Croatia – Plitvice Lakes. It is hard to say whether Plitvice are more beautiful in the summer or in winter, all covered in snow.

It is hard to say which is more beautiful – Croatia’s National Park Krka, situated only one hour of drive away from Zadar, or abovementioned Plitvice. If you continue down south, after Krka and the city of Šibenik with its famous fortresses you will encounter another great city.

The city whose facades were crafted internationally renowned masters – Trogir. Lately Trogir has started to draw a lot of attention. If you are considering to buy a house in Croatia’s Trogir, that just might be an idea worth investigating.

What to expect when buying a house by the sea?

There is a lot of construction on the Croatian coast and its islands. Investors are building mostly modern villas and houses directly by the sea as well as apartments with sea view in Croatia.

On the Croatian real estate market, you will also find renovated traditional homes, especially stone houses as trademark in Croatian regions Dalmatia and Istria. In each case, the closer the property is to the sea, the higher its value and therefore price.

However, location is not the only thing that affects the value of the property.

Besides the closeness and connection to city centres and important amenities such as shops, restaurants and pharmacies, the features and the decoration of property itself affect its value.

Houses in Croatia right by the sea – how are they equipped?

Most of the modern houses on Croatian coast, especially those more luxurious are superbly equipped. This doesn’t imply just the quality of the materials and the equipment used but also the diversity of amenities you can find in the house.

In a modern holiday home in Croatia you might expect to find a pool and a sundeck, a gym, sauna, jacuzzi and wellness area. Also, highly equipped inner and outdoor kitchen as well as grill area.

Some houses in Croatia right by the sea even have extra space where you can put off your belongings during the renting period. This way, if you decide to rent your holiday home Croatia close to the beach, your belongings are waiting for you there!

Also, a lot of these houses and apartments have smart home systems, as well as video surveillance. Sailors and boat owners among you will be pleased to know that there is real estate Croatia first row to the sea that have their own mooring.

The point of all these amenities is to make you and guests feel comfortable and safe in your new home all year long.

Just imagine how wonderful would be to have your own oasis by the sea that you can visit anytime you please. To spend a romantic weekend with your better half or simply sail away to recharge your batteries.

Invest Croatia – why is buying a property in Croatia a great thing to do?

Real estate can be a great investment, especially on a destination as appealing as Croatia is. 

Crystal-clear sea, great climate, good hearted people – all the reasons why people choose Croatia as a place to spend their vacation or a place to buy their (second) home.

Generally speaking, real estate is good way of investing because it’s values usually rises over time. This means that if you buy a house in Croatia right by the sea now, in a few or more years it is likely that it’s value (and price) will go up. If you decide to sell, you will increase your profit.

Furthermore, property, especially that on a great location, defies inflation. Both property and rent prices are going up as all the other prices are increasing. That keeps the value of your money intact, despite the inflation.

Buying a real estate in Croatia with sea views can ensure you a steady (almost) passive income. if you decide to rent it, that is. There is a great demand for such property and you can make a more than decent earnings by renting holiday homes in Croatia close to the beach.

Also, buying house in Croatia first row to the sea can help you ensure financial stability for future generations. Such property won’t lose its value.

Another great thing about investing in real estate is that it gives you a lot of choice.  You can manage it yourself or you can hire property management firm to do the job for you. In Croatia you have a vast choice of property management firms that can help you make the most of your investment.

Buying house in Croatia as a long-term investment – what to consider?

One of the most important things you should consider when buying a house in Croatia are competent partners you can trust.

First and foremost – a good real estate agent (agency) and a lawyer specialized in real estate.

Buying a house or apartment in Croatia by the sea is relatively simple if you are and EU/EEA citizen. However, there are several important procedures to follow and some finer details that good agents and lawyers can help you with.

For example, it is very important that the ownership of the property you want to buy is clear.

Also, it is common to negotiate the price of the property – this is where hiring a professional comes in handy.

Furthermore, you don’t need to have an account in the Croatian bank, but you will need and an OIB (personal identification number) as well as register the purchase in the land register (essential after sale).

How are real estate prices in Croatia after Euro introduction?

Prices of property are going down in many countries in the EU, but not in Croatia. At least that is the situation in 2023.

Real estate prices in Croatia were in the rise even before Euro introduction. If you are looking for a property on the Croatian coast, for example in Dalmatia, here is what to expect.

The average square meter price in Croatia in its coastal cities such as Zadar and Split goes from 3000 – 4000 euros. Croatian gems Dubrovnik and Opatija are the most expensive cities to buy a property in.

Real estate prices Croatia by the sea are high, especially for the property near the sea and near big cities.

If you are wondering how to finance the house in Croatia, if you are an EU citizen, you can get a loan in the Croatian bank.

Real estate purchase in Croatia – the vast renting possibilities

Great advantage of purchasing a real estate in Croatia is that you can easily rent it when you are not using it. That is especially true if your property is on the seaside.

As a destination, Croatia is becoming more and more popular worldwide. The peak of Croatian tourism was in 2019, and now in 2023, after few slower years due to the pandemic, we are getting back on that horse.

How long will the renting season last and how much money can you expect to earn? That depends on the type of property you decide to invest in.

One of the most important features of a property is its location.

 It will come as no surprise that tourists mostly want holiday homes in Croatia close to the beach or at least with a sea view. Villas and houses in Croatia right by the sea or near the big cities (tourists centres such as Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik) are the most desirable ones. Especially if they can accommodate up to 10 to 12 people.

Another thing that will play an important role in how long will your tourist season last are the facilities you have in your house. Croatian villas with pool, sauna, gym and other important amenities will allow you guests to feel comfortable and satisfied even in the off season.

Croatian Tourist Board is working toward the extension of the season which means that such properties will be even more sought for. 

Amenities are also important if you decide to buy real estate in Croatia a bit further from the sea, let’s say in hinterland.

If you are thinking of buying an apartment in Croatia, the best choice would be to buy an apartment in Croatia right by the beach or in the tourist centres such as Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik.

Larger and well-equipped apartments in towns such as these have the possibility to be occupied all year long.

Croatia vacation – what to do, what to see?

Having a house on the Adriatic will not only make wonders for your wallet, but also for your own experience of Croatia vacation.

Each time you decide to come by you will be able to explore exactly the things you, your family or friends desire without the added pressure.

You will have the opportunity to explore Croatia in each season, meet its every beautiful and diverse region.

Sail your way through Adriatic

Let’s start with the reason you want to buy a house in Croatia in the first place, the sea.

If you are a (wo)man of the sea, you will for sure want to sail and taste Croatia yacht vacation. The best months for sailing is in the off season, September & October – when it is less crowded, but the sea is still warm. Also, April and May that offer long days, and cozy weather. If you want to rent Croatia yacht, you have a vast choice of charter companies and agencies. Croatia has the largest nautical charter fleet in the world which means you will find the boat and the service that perfectly fits your needs.

Whether you are on Croatia vacation with children, friends or just your partner, exploring the sea and island via boat is an unmistakable choice. It will allow you to discover hidden bays and secluded beaches whose beauty will take your breath away as well as some fancy restaurants.

Croatia, gourmets paradise

Gourmets among you will for sure enjoy in the tastes and scents of Croatian food. Locally grown, seasonal, colourful, juicy groceries and chefs who know how to prepare them to make you palate tremble.

The coast and its islands offer the biggest choice of fish and Mediterranean food, as well as lamb (especially on island of Pag).

Dalmatia’s hinterland and Lika will offer you cheese and meet to die for while in the Croatia’s capitol, Zagreb you will be able to enjoy in the diverse flavours from around the world.

If you have a thing for meat delicacies or freshwater fish, the region of Slavonija is the place to be. On the other hand, while on the Northern Adriatic, in Istria, prepare to be dazzled by truffles and great wine.

Explore rich Croatian history and clash of cultures

For all of history lovers who seek to unravel the veils of important happenings and ancient remains, Croatia is the place to be.

From historic centres on the coast – Dubrovnik, Split, Šibenik and Zadar, through castles in Zagorje and Slavonija in the continental part of Croatia to arena in Pula, Istria.

Wherever you go you will find interesting stories, important monuments and traces of various cultures that shaped our country.

Dive into nature and activate your body

If you prefer active tourism, all you have to do is name the preferred activity. Is it diving, cycling, golfing or maybe horseback riding?

If you are looking for some quality time with your friends or family, go for a hike in one on 8 national parks in Croatia. Trust us, you will want to come back.

And that is the whole point of having a holiday home in Croatia, isn’t it?

We gave you a glimpse of what Croatia has to offer and why buying a house in Croatia is not just a good, but a smart idea. Whether you are buying a house in Croatia by the sea or an apartment, owning a property in Croatia will pay off.

It will give you the opportunity to make money but also to create everlasting and unforgettable memories.

Time is precious, use it well.

And if you need help in finding that perfect holiday home in Croatia, contact us. We will gladly help you with everything you need!

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