Traditional homes vs. modern house – how to choose your ideal home in Croatia?

A picturesque stone house with wooden blue windows on an island, surrounded by olive trees and rosemary garden.

Or perhaps, a well-equipped modern house on the coast where you can spend winters as well as summers?

Both traditional homes and modern houses on the Croatian seaside have a common feature, excellent location. Other features are where they somewhat differ.

Which one to choose if you decided to buy a property on the Croatian coast or an island? That question translates into – what is more important to you and what is the purpose of that property.

Modern houses are being built more often that the traditional homes, but you will find both types of property on the Croatian coast and archipelago.

To help you resolve your dilemma traditional vs. modern house, we bring you pros and cons on both type of property.

Prepare yourself the most essential beverage in Croatia – coffee, sit back and enjoy the read!

Traditional homes on the Croatian coast – an excellent investment or an extra cost?

If you are looking for that old charm, a touch of history and heritage, a traditional house on the Croatian coast or an island might be something to look into.

When we are talking about traditional homes on Croatian seaside, stone houses are the first thing that comes to mind. That is especially true for Istria and Dalmatia.

Looking back into the history, stone was a very important building material, and not only for houses but also fences and barns.

UNESCO declared drystone walling an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Croatia is one the several countries on the list where that type of technique is much used.

If you look at the scenery of Dalmatian islands and its coast you will see a lot of stone. The stone was there and one needed to protects itself, the family and the animals from strong winds, the cold, the sun.

This is why traditional stone houses on the seaside have small, but strategically very well places windows. So that the sunlight can enter, but that it will not pose a problem when the powerful and brisk wind bura blows.

The walls in stone houses are usually thick, built to last. The natural materials that were used then allow the walls to breathe which prevents the expansion of mould, an enemy to many homes.

Traditional stone homes are ecological and more sustainable than certain modern build. Also, renovated stone houses aren’t so often on the market which makes them quite wanted among certain traveller/buyer personas.

When it comes to tourism, these houses attract those who seek more sustainable way of traveling. Or those who wish to feel at least a glimpse of the ways of the times past. How did the locals truly live in these areas?

Another thing is that these stone houses are sometimes situated on secluded terrains. Such natural surroundings often give the residents privacy, peace, contact with a nature. Something that modern man desires almost desperately.

Renovated stone houses may cost a bit less than the modern homes, but if you are planning on building a traditional stone house from the start prepare yourself for some hard work.

Modern house on the Croatian coast – a quicker and safer choice for investment

On the other hand, traditional stone houses might not have the layout that suits the needs and desires of a modern individual. The rooms tend to be small and as we mentioned before, so are the windows.

Also, the energetic efficiency in some traditional homes is not as good as in modern houses. That means you might expect higher costs of heating and cooling. Yet, all that depends on the features of the property you choose. That is why it’s important to inform yourself well and ask all the questions that come in mind.

So, what about modern houses on the Croatian coast, what are their pros and cons?

Modern houses have a lot of advantages which is precisely why they are being built more than traditional houses.

You can build them faster and with less resources than a traditional home, primarily because of the materials that are being used. For example, if you choose to build a traditional stone house from scratch, especially in the luxury segment you will need more time and more money. The processing of stone simply takes more time.

Furthermore, modern build is more present on the market and the buyers seek it more than they seek traditional homes.

One of the great advantages of modern houses is that they are technologically very well equipped. Smart home systems, video security, high-tech appliances – all that plays a big part in settling for a modern, rather than traditional home.

Which type of property has the best house plan?

Another thing is the layout. Modern houses almost always have big windows, glass walls that allow light to penetrate the space. The truth is that many buyers who seek seaside property on the Croatian coast want that sun more than anything else. Especially if they are coming from countries that don’t have much sun.

Letting the light in can also mean letting the heat or the cold in, more than in traditional homes that have smaller windows. However, today’s market allows you to have smart glass – the one that lets the sun in but keeps the cold out.

When it comes to best house plans, modern houses offer more space and bigger rooms. 

Modern houses for sale & traditional homes – seek them in Dalmatia

To decide which property would suit you more, you need to know what will be its purpose.

If you are buying a house as an investment, modern houses are a safer and in ways better choice than the traditional homes. But, if your heart is set on a traditional stone house on one of Croatia’s lovely islands where you want to spend your retirement, then you know your answer.

Either way, you will find what you are looking for on the Croatian coast. We recommend you to check-out the offer in Dalmatia. Especially areas around the cities of Zadar, Sibenik, Primosten and Trogir, as well as their archipelago.

That area is a great choice whether you want to invest in real estate or if you are buying yourself a second home.

You can also look at our offer of both modern and more traditional Mediterranean homes. If you need any help in finding the home that is right for you, contact us, we will gladly help you find what you are looking for!


Photo: Private archive, Pixabay.

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