First time home buyer guide for the Croatian Coast!

So, you are ready to take that step, become a home owner. Destination – Croatia, or more specifically, Croatian part of the Adriatic coast. What to expect and what should you know?

If you are a first-time home buyer and are looking for a home on the Croatian coast, read on. Out expert agents bring you the detailed tour on first time homebuyer guide!

Home buying tips for Croatian coast & islands

What are the ultimate home buying tips when it comes to Croatian coast?

As you already know, Croatia is a true beauty, it is a well-known tourist destination which is why there is a large demand for the property on the coast.

There are shouted destinations such as Split, Hvar, Zadar and Dubrovnik, but there are also smaller places, hidden gems of the coast such as Sv. Filip i Jakov, situated in Zadar County.

And then there are islands.

Living in the island has its allure, but also its shortcomings. For example, there is no place you would rather be during the hot summer months then on one of Croatian islands. The crystal-clear sea, evening breeze that helps you sleep better, the cricket song.

On the other hand, certain islands can be crowded during the summer. If you prefer more peaceful surroundings look for not so popular island towns or some less inhabited islands.

The problem can also be the transportation and infrastructure, especially during the off-season months. Good news is that the tourist union is making an effort the expand the touristic season in Croatia which should take some pressure off from summer months.

Let’s move further on our homebuying tips for Croatian coast. There are several types of properties in Croatia, such as apartments, family houses, agricultural lands, construction lands.

 You can buy property in Croatia even as a foreigner, but there are certain rules and procedures you need to follow (read our guide for buying a property in Croatia as a foreigner). For example, in order to buy a property in Croatia you need to have OIB – a personal identification number.

Also, it is very important to check if the property “papers” are all right. That is to say – to check that the ownership of the property is clear and that there it has no liability. Our agents are happy to help you with that!

First-time homebuyer guide – a must do checklist, straight from experts!

There is no place like home, and now you will have your own home on the Croatian coast. Fresh sea breeze, tasty food, a lot of sunny days, and numerous islands for you to visit on your weekends. Amazing, yes!

Before you step into our paradise (remind yourself why Croatia truly is an amazing country to own a home in), you need to find the right property for you.

What are “the must do” steps for you a s a first-time home buyer in Croatia?

We bring you a first-time homebuyer guide created by our experienced agents, just for you.

Ready, set – read!

Location, location, location!

First thing’s first – you need to know in which coastal region can you see yourself living.

Is it the northern Adriatic with Istrian peninsula, close to Italy and Slovenia?

Is it the middle Adriatic, with towns such as Zadar, famous for its divine sunset and Split, known for Diocletian’s Palace?

Or you prefer the southern part of the Adriatic, where the famous city of Dubrovnik and the island of Peljesac are situated?

Once you decide on the region, you need to sea in which part of that region would you prefer to live.

What are the most important things to you and your family? Closeness to the beach, stores, restaurant, medical facilities? Do you want peace and quiet or maybe you prefer to be in the more urban area?

Defining the budget is at the top of homebuyer process checklist

Before you start searching real estate, define your budget.

It is essential that you know what amount of money is at your disposal. Once you define the budget, search the market and see what can you get for your money’s worth. 

Don’t forget to include the following costs in the budget part of your homebuyer process checklist:

  • 3% real estate tax
  • 3% + tax agency provision
  • costs of the purchase contrast, notary public, legal translators.

Create the financial plan

This is what we consider a very important item in this first-time homebuyer guide.

Whether you are financing the real estate from your personal fond or you are getting a loan, you need to have a firm financial construction before you go real estate “hunting”.

Otherwise, you just might find the perfect property and watch is disappear right in front of your eyes.

Getting a loan takes a while, and market on the Croatian coast is hot!

Check the documentation of the property

This is where we come in handy! If you are buying a property with the help of an agency, we are the ones that need to make sure that everything is all right with the property ownership.

It is extremely important to be sure that there are no charges on the property and that the documents are clear as they can be.

Inspect the property – first time home buying tip you should not ignore

During property sightseeing, be sure to inspect it. Check is everything all right, are there any problems, shortcomings. Inviting an expert is always a good idea while deciding on buying your home. Don’t leave anything to chance – after all, this s a place you will be living in!

Negotiate your way into the perfect home

Negotiation skills are good to have – they can make your life and business much easier. They can also ensure you get a better value for your money when (first-time) home buying.

When it comes to buying a property – don’t be afraid to negotiate about the price. In general practice it is very common – something like an unspoken rule – that the seller is willing to lower down the price for up to 5%.

Before you start your negotiations, be sure to prepare. Search the market and find out what are the prices of similar properties. Learn the numbers and prepare the arguments to get an even better deal!

First-time home buyers need to think about the maintenance and safety

If you won’t use the property during the entire year, maintenance is the thing you need to think about. Who will take care of the property? We suggest you hire a local maintenance service.

Also, it is very important to secure your property. Either way you look at it, buying a property is an investment. And you need to protect that investment any way you can. At our agency, we connect you with the insurance companies that are the best fit for your needs.

First time homebuyer mistakes

Finally, we talked about what you should know and do, and now, let’s say a word or two on the things you shouldn’t do.

What are most often mistakes of a first-time homebuyer?

Firstly, buying more than you can truly afford. Maybe the bank tells you that you can afford a certain amount of loan, but it does not necessarily mean that you should.

Think about your lifestyle, your needs and your monthly fee. How much are you willing to spend each month on repaying your loan? Choose the amount that feels right with you, not the one that you can just take.

Secondly, hiring the wrong real estate agency. Think about the real estate agent you will hire to find you your dream home. The first agency you encounter doesn’t necessarily needs to be the best choice for you. You want and agent that knows the local market and knows how to negotiate a better price for better property.

Furthermore, don’t forget to check-out the neighbourhood. Talk to the people, feel the community.

Finally, don’t skip home inspection. It will give you a bigger sense of security and it will ease your decision.

And this is it folks, on the topic of first-time homebuyers on the Croatian coast, at least for now. If you are in a search of a real estate on the Adriatic, contact us. There is a proper chance that we will be able to help you!

Photo: Pexels, Unsplash.

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