How to make it easier to buy real estate?

Are you buying a property, have been looking for a long time, and can’t find anything? It’s time to define some guidelines that will make your search easier, help you understand what you’re looking for, and ultimately, save you time and money. Searching for real estate for living or vacationing is an important task. Real estate consists of several characteristics, the most important of which is the location.

If you are looking for something in an unknown area, you usually don’t know the local customs and/or the local population, you probably don’t know how much time you need to do everyday little things like buying food, paying bills, etc. Immediately before buying real estate, it is very useful to ask a few questions that should facilitate the process of choosing a home at the same time and speed up the buying and selling process.

How long have you been looking for your home?

Do you have the feeling that you are searching and nothing is right for you, or have you not started your search yet? Have you set an approximate budget for buying or looking at properties outside your budget? Have you been looking for real estate for more than a year, have you looked at over 10 different properties, and still nothing is what you expected? It would be good to redefine the basic guidelines that you set when choosing a property for vacation or for living. Perhaps the proximity to a shopping center, school, kindergarten, airport, beach, hospital, etc. is important to you. When you define the basic needs of you and your family, explore the options that the location offers you and thereby guide you in narrowing down your search.

How are you doing with cost planning?

Do you have the funds to buy a property or do you have to rely on co-financing the purchase with a bank loan? Do not forget that you need to have enough money for the down payment, which in most cases will amount to 10% of the agreed purchase price. It is good to count on the commission for the intermediary, the costs of drawing up the sales contract and legal, real estate sales tax (3%), and any additional costs that you might have depending on your choice.

Do you know what you need from the documentation?

Do not forget the mandatory documentation that you must have when buying and selling. If you are a foreign citizen, you must obtain an OIB. Do you know what real estate documentation you must have? An orderly title deed, a use permit, or a certificate of completion are the most important documents when purchasing. Title deed free of encumbrances and real estate seals or a deed of status to make sure the property is legal. Be sure that the actual situation corresponds to the one in the documentation. If you are researching loan options, familiarize yourself with the documentation that you will need, or at least most of it.

Have you redefined your views yet?

You looked at a property, and you really liked it, but you didn’t buy it? If the decision was made by the price, we understand. If items like kitchen remodeling, space layout, or you couldn’t come to an agreement with the seller are assumed, keep in mind that it’s all solved when you have the right team of experts by your side. Sometimes it takes a little effort to get what you want, so don’t give up easily at the first hurdle.

Investing in real estate is never wrong. It is less risky than stock market investments, and you can always rent or sell the property if things don’t go according to plan. Don’t worry, trust us that we will find the desired property for you. Write to us in the comments about how you are preparing to buy real estate or contact us at

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