In 2020, the Zadar County reached the highest number of real estate sales on the Adriatic. Šibenik-Knin, Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva counties represented strong competition. Zadar County is located in the central part of the Croatian coast. Administratively, it consists of six cities and 28 municipalities. Geographically, it covers the area of ​​northern Dalmatia and includes the coastal areas of Ravni Kotar, Benkovac, Pozrmanje and Južna Lika. In addition to its interesting natural location, the climate of Zadar County is extremely pleasant, Mediterranean with mild summers and warm winters. The Velebit mountain massif with Bukovica and Ravni kotari and the extremely indented coast with islands make this part of Croatia especially attractive for a stay. The rich natural and cultural heritage offers many opportunities to enjoy your free time, such as exploring the locality, playing sports, etc. For years, the islands of Pag, Vir, Privlaka, Petrčane, Kožino, Zadar, Sv. Filip i Jakov, Biograd na Moru and Pakoštane are the favorite tourist destinations of many travelers, so it is not surprising that the demand for real estate in that area is very strong. Part of the route of the A1 Zagreb-Dubrovnik highway passes through Zadar county, making it well connected with other parts. Croatia and Europe. Only 20 minutes drive from the center of Zadar, the center of the county, is the Zemunik airport, which records an increasing number of international flights. We have decided to highlight several locations that clients prefer to choose recently, as well as the most common reasons for their decision.



Only nine kilometers from Zadar is a settlement of modern villas and apartments, with only 800 inhabitants. Under the protection of the sea and lush Mediterranean vegetation, in this peaceful oasis, many have found their dream homes. There is no shortage of basic amenities for everyday life, and Zadar can be reached in ten minutes via the county road. Given the pace of life in Kožin, which is closely related to tourism activities as well as the cultivation of olive trees and vineyards, we are sure that you will enjoy here in a peaceful environment that exudes old traditions.


“Privlaka won us over with its charm and beautiful open sea, the most beautiful of all are the beaches” tell us clients who have decided to buy real estate in Privlaka. The westernmost point in Dalmatia, Cape Artić, is located here. Privlaka is known for its beautiful beaches and coves, which are so interesting that they were described in the first Croatian novel “Mountains”. Located near Nin, a few minutes’ drive from Zadar, it is an ideal place for a family vacation as well as for tourism.


“We decided on a property in St. Filip and Jakov because it is a small place, yet it has all the infrastructure necessary for life. Restaurants are open all year round, access to ferries is excellent due to the proximity of Biograd and Zadar, and in addition, there are two marinas nearby for the safe disposal of vessels,” claim clients who bought real estate in the center of the St. Petar-Sv. Filip i Jakov- Turanj, which was named after a small church from the Middle Ages. It is located only 3 km from Biograd na Moru and 25 km from Zadar. A place with a rich history, today it is known for its gardens and summer houses of former noble families such as the Borelli family. In the Pašman channel, near the smaller islands, you will find a combination of a picturesque coast and a peaceful hinterland that make this place one of the most interesting in Zadar County.


Part of the island of Pag belongs to the Zadar County and the other part to the Lika-Senj County. The city of Novalja, an administrative part of the Lika-Senj County, is one of the most common choices when buying real estate in this part of the Adriatic. For the stated reason, we have included it among this smaller series of presented locations. Research carried out in recent history has proven the existence of the ancient city of Cissa, which was 2.5 km away from today’s Novalja. About Cissa there is an interesting legend similar to that of the lost Atlantis. If you are not a big fan of history and geography, what will attract you to Novalja will be the high possibility of return on investment if you decide to buy a property in this place on the island of Pag. It’s almost unbelievable that Novalja is just as popular because of family tourism and nightlife, which, apart from in the very center of Novalja, takes place in the popular Zrć.

We end this post with Novalja, with which we wanted to bring to your attention the reasons that can help you when making a decision to buy real estate on this part of the Adriatic coast. Can you imagine yourself on an active or passive vacation in this part of the Adriatic? If you have a comment, suggestion or want us to find a property for you according to your wishes, write to us at the address info@solhome.hr.

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